TransCanada Applies for Keystone XL Route Approval in Nebraska

Transcanada-logo1An application for approval of the Keystone XL pipeline route through the state of Nebraska has been filed with the state’s Public Service Commission (PSC).

Picture Courtesy of TransCanada

Proposed route. Picture Courtesy of TransCanada

TransCanada Corporation announced on Thursday, February 16, 2017, the PSC process is the clearest path to achieving route certainty for the project in Nebraska. It is expected to conclude in 2017. Keystone XL is a proposed 36-inch-diameter crude oil pipeline, beginning in Hardisty, Alberta, and extending south to Steele City, Nebraska.

“This application has been shaped by direct, on-the-ground input from Nebraskans,” said Russ Girling, TransCanada’s president and chief executive officer, in the release. “The thousands of Nebraskans we have met over the last eight years understand the value of this project and what it means to the state. As we have said consistently, safety and a respect for the environment remain our key priorities. We are listening and acting on what we have learned.”

The proposed route was evaluated by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality and approved by the Governor of Nebraska in 2013. The preferred route would avoid the area defined as the Nebraska Sandhills and is expected to have minimal environmental impacts in Nebraska. According to the review, over 90 percent of landowners along the pipeline corridor have signed voluntary easements to construct Keystone XL.

TransCanada adds the project will generate hundreds of millions of dollars in employee earnings in Nebraska, South Dakota and Montana alone during construction, and once operating will provide millions of dollars annually in local tax revenues.

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