Manning and County of Northern Lights Look for Ways to Work Together

(Picture/ County of Northern Lights and the Town of Manning want to find better ways to work together.

According to a release, interviews were conducted by 13 Ways, Inc. with elected officials from both areas on February 13 and 14, 2017.

Officials from both areas were interviewed on February 13 and 14 by 13 Ways Inc., both collectively, as well as individually. The company says it’s a first step in the hopes of finding any underlying issue restricting each entity’s ability to work efficiently and effectively, as well as collaboratively. Both communities say they agree it will require letting go of old grudges, dropping old feuds, and focusing on the future.

County of Northern Lights“We both have challenges with addressing ageing infrastructure and rising expectations within the confines of limited budgets. Our economies need to grow and diversify for the sake of future success, which means finding ways to attract new industry, new small businesses, and new families to our region,” said Sunni-Jeanne Walker, Town of Manning Mayor, in the release. “To do so, we must invest in infrastructure that supports the economy, such as water and roads; and infrastructure that supports a quality of life, such as recreation.”

The release adds the challenges the two communities face can be seen across the north.

“One thing is perfectly clear as we look across the nation. Those communities and municipalities that work together to address their challenges find greater success. We realize it is time to find a way to work better together,” said Reeve Cheryl Anderson, County of Northern Lights, in the release. “We all have the same purpose and the same goals. We need to focus our energies on creating opportunity and building a future for the generations to come.”

The next step sees 13 Ways return to Manning on Monday, February 27, in order to present their recommendations.

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