Peace River Looking for Ideas to Beautify Downtown Core

Town of Peace RiverThe beautification of the Town of Peace River continues.

The town continues to look for artwork ideas from residents in order to brighten up the Downtown Core.

The mural is now proudly displayed on the outside wall of Peace River's Sears location.  Clockwise L to R: Young Admirer Selena Taylor, Peace River Mayor Tom Tarpey, Artist Andrew Olivier, volunteer Geneva Steaton, and Peace of Art Club committee member Trudy Plaizier. (Photo/Peace River Broadcasting)

The mural in painted on the old Sears building in June 2016 was just one project designed to beautify Downtown Peace River. L to R: Local resident Selena Taylor, Mayor Tom Tarpey, Artist Andrew Olivier, volunteer Geneva Steaton, and Trudy Plaizier of the Peace of Art Club. (Photo/Peace River Broadcasting)

“We’re putting it out there to the open community to submit their ideas,” said Communications Coordinator Adam Dietrich. “We’re also simultaneously looking for members of the community to join a committee in order to oversee the projects themselves.”

Dietrich says the process is still in the early stages.

“We have a beautification work plan,” he said. “It’s specifically geared towards making the downtown look pretty, and look attractive, and make it look like a nice downtown that people want to live in, and spend time in.”

Dietrich says that the beautification process first started in 2015 with some new trees being planted.

And then, in summer 2016, a mural was painted on the side of the old Sears building.

As for the artwork they want to see, Dietrich says there are very few limitations as to what the artwork can be.

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